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SS Cosima Sound of Water (detail)
Artist Statement
Annabel Ludovici is a multi-disciplinary artist graduating from (UAL) Chelsea College of Arts in 2018 with an MA in Fine Art.
Her consuming interest in socio-political issues, follows on from her 2017-2018 exploration of the former Millbank Prison, London. Foucauldian concepts of power and authority, as seen through Bentham’s panoptican, established a theoretical standpoint which recently took her to Venice in 2019. There she continued her exploration into the precarious nature of identity, as experienced by the ephemeral female prisoner. This was observed, researched and reflected on by Ludovici, from the position of visitor in Venice; more specifically on the island of Giudecca, where the women's prison is located.
Her immersive practice responds to the tangible elements of site-specific and site-integrated locations, investigating the phenomena of transience and memory within the architecture of buildings. Relating to the multiple histories and traces of its occupants and uses, her practice incorporates psycho-geography, archival research, oral histories, video, drawing, painting, and installation.
For Ludovici, drawing and observing from the lithe body in motion is central to her creativity and understanding of the human condition. The process is an organic development of the  unconscious memory made as tangible mark, gesture, transforming and elevating to a heightened awareness by the power of imagination allowing the thinking through her hands.
Born is London, Ludovici lives and works between Somerset (UK) and Italy.
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